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Carrot Fantasy Jogos

Carrot Fantasy

Jogos Carrot Fantasy jogo descrição: Carrot Fantasy is an insanely funny tower defence game, containing an amazing twenty-four levels plus extra bonus levels! Protect your carrots by any means possible - even if you have to create a wall of poop towers! Shoot the clouds to give you more space to place your weapons. Sometimes clearing an area will also give you a free weapon to use to defend your carrot. Upgrading your weapons will increase both the strength of the weapon, but also its range. With two different modes of play, Carrot fantasy is sure to keep you engrossed for hours!.De volta Jogos Games jogar mores.

Como Jogar:

Use the mouse key cursor to position and place your defenses.

Etiquetas: 1 Player, Flash, Action, Defense, Tower, Android game, Free Game,

Total jogar:1395364190

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